A Few Words About Me

To begin my story, I was born and brought up in a small town of North Odisha, surrounded by beautiful hills and waterfalls. From there my fascination grew towards nature, as I grew up playing with them. Soon I finished up my degree in engineering and was ready to jump into the bandwagon in Bangalore, where most of the engineers ended up. As I added up years of experience in the corporate jungle, it was getting a bit restless inside me, to get back to my love for nature. I used to travel to places of natural beauty in my weekends, along with my friends. Soon my passion grew and I started visiting other countries for better photography, like South East Asian countries, Kenya, Iceland, Norway, Finland, to name a few. Eventually my love for wildlife photography kindled, as I met people from different parts of the world and enjoyed their experience. I toured all the sanctuaries and exhausted all my official paid leaves, and finding the right moment, I decided to let go of my IT career and finally quit my job in May 2015, and focussed to work full fledged as a professional photographer. Within a few months, I, along with my friends, started a small venture for photography equipments rentals in Bangalore, LensWale, which in turn helped me meet many similar minded people and one good meet resulted in startup of my 2nd venture, which deals with Wedding and events photography.

Happy has been my experience so far, waiting to see how things turn up in the future.