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Category: Culture

The Sami People: Guardians of the Arctic and Keepers of an Ancient Culture

The Sami people, also known as the Lapps, are an indigenous group that has lived in the Arctic regions of Scandinavia and Russia for thousands of years. The Sami people have a rich cultural heritage and a unique way of life that has been shaped by the harsh and unforgiving Arctic environment. Today, the Sami people continue to preserve their traditions and cultural heritage, despite the many challenges they have faced over the centuries. In this article, we will explore

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Surviving the Arctic: A Look at the Daily Life of Russia’s Northern Residents

Arctic life in Russia is one of the harshest and most isolated lifestyles in the world. Located in the northernmost part of Russia, the Arctic region is characterized by harsh and extreme weather conditions, with temperatures often dropping below -40°C in winter and remaining below freezing point for most of the year. Despite these harsh conditions, the Arctic region is home to a number of indigenous communities, who have managed to adapt to the extreme environment and preserve their unique

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